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Settings and Instructions


Download the correct installer package from the downloads page for your system, and extract the two files to a folder on your computer. Make sure Outlook is not running and execute the "setup.exe" file. The installer will first ensure you have all required prerequisites installed (such as the .NET Framework and the runtime libraries for Visual Studio Tools for Office). If your system does not already have these files installed, you will be prompted to download and install them automatically.

Once the installer has finished running you can start Outlook and configure the app.


Once installed, you should see a new tab in the Outlook main screen (Outlook 2010) or a new set of buttons on the toolbar (Outlook 2007):

Image: SpamGrabber buttons

The buttons displayed on the menu can be configured in the settings, and you may not see all of them by default.

The first thing you will want to do is to set up a default reporting profile. Most people will only require a single, spam profile. Click the settings button to view the settings dialog. Click on "Reporting Profiles" in the left pane, which will list all the reporting profiles you have configured (this will be blank when you first install the app).

Image: Reporting profiles screen

Click the "Add" button. This will prompt you to enter a friendly name for the profile (such as "SpamCop"), and the default email address to report to (for SpamCop this will be a long address like Click Add, and you will be taken to the advanced settings for your profile:

Report Address:

Report Text:

Report Options:


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